Top 5 Business Card Design Trends That Will Dominate The Scene In 2018

1. Simplicity Of Design

Every business card will have contact details typically includes an email address, company address, phone number, website address etc. Simplicity should focus on simple design but stylishly modern that will help focus customers on your contact details without diverting to any other fancy elements. Many small businesses has chooses this design trend because it look clean, elegant and easy to read. So, the trend here is the minimalist approach, to avoid fancy designs without losing its sophistication.

2. Display Your Branding Elements

This trend in 2018 has been a huge favorite of the designers. Everything that defines your brand should be reflected in your business card. Make sure your images, color schemes, and symbol are in line with your company’s logo and other marketing materials. This way, you don’t create confusion and will leave a lasting impression when you meet someone for the first time.

3. Big Typeface

Use of bigger typeface that dominates the card space is also a trend in 2018. Most of the business cards are being created in this way. The cards have a bold and over-sized typeface with a single color in the background, giving the design a unique look and help your clients to easily remember your company’s name and tagline. Typically, this business cards are for the company owner who wants to be viewed as a strong leader in their industry.

4. Clever Puns And Witty Lines

Another business card design trend for this year is including some clever puns and witty lines in the card. Words have their own impact on the thinking process, which means that adding a witty statement about your company will make your business card design more attractive and approachable to your recipient. For example, by injecting some humor into your card can evokes a sense of excitement and engagement. So it’s a good idea to be creative with a play on words into your business card.

5. Interactive Card Design

Business cards do not have to be the standard one-piece card. You can get creative by making the card interactive, meaning that the users have more in the card to explore instead of just reading it. For instance, creating layered cards, sliding pieces, or incorporate shape-shifting into the design. You can also features a puzzle or a humorous phrase on the card. However, you don’t want to overdo it, as it ruins the overall presence and distract the user from what they are supposed to do. Inviting the customer to go beyond simply reading your card will increase the chances of them holding onto it and even showing it to others.

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