5 Flyer Design Tips You Need to Know

A well designed flyer will create a lasting impression on your customers. Here are 5 flyer design tips that work for you :

1. Readable

Ensure that the information presented within the flyer is easily readable and that your design isn’t too cluttered. Even the most creative and unique flyer must meet these basic criteria. Remember, the purpose of the flyer is to communicate information clearly to your targeted audience.

2. Font Guide

As a general rule, it is recommended to limit your flyer font usage to two or three fonts total. Fewer font families will ensure a more professional result. Instead, use bold, italic or regular versions of the same font.

3. Eye Catching

A successful flyer design is to produce one that grabs people’s attention and creates a strong visual impact. Make your design more visually appealing by incorporating suitable images, create attention-grabbing headline and use single colored element into your flyer design. The more eye-catching your flyer, the more likely a person is to pick up or hold onto your flyer.

4. Color

Use colour to stand out from the rest and attract your customer’s attention. You can consider to incorporate your company colours as an additional branding element. You can used shades or tints of the color(s) used in your logo to make the design consistent or use colors from the photos you use, it’s up to you but color sets the mood of your message.

5. Call To Action

Call to action is also one of the most important element to a successful flyer. Some example of classic call to action is the phrase ”order now”, or “Visit today!”. Direct your customer what to do and encourage them to do something (to take action). As such, incentives and discounts are generally recommended. The reader is more likely order, call or visit you if you create a sense of urgency!

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