Top 5 Logo Design Trends in 2018

1. Minimalistic

Minimalistic design trend is one of the most influential styles today for its simplicity and uniqueness in creating logos. Using minimum amount of design elements (like shapes, colors, fonts and symbol) to convey your brand message with a simple design. This trend currently owns the logo design industry, with many successful businesses stripping logos down to the basics and making it as clean and minimalist as possible.

2. Hand Drawn

Hand-drawn logo styles add a personal touch to any image, and connect the brand with the customer at an intimate level. They were popular in 2016 and this trend is set to gain even more ground in 2018. These designs are mostly popular with the food industry such as coffee shops &, restaurants. The aesthetics of the logo keeps you warmth, authenticity and gives you personal attention which convey a more honest image, making companies seem more trustworthy.

3. Negative Space

Negative space is a design element that utilizes the background space of an image to create another image. Such logos are brilliant, unique and memorable. It helps to boosts up the user engagement, to think something extra or to solve the hidden clue. Some of the best examples of the designing style are SilkSkin, FedEx and NBC logos.

4. Mono Lines

Monoline logos made up of one single continuous line which are often accompanied by a graphic art. This design trend is set to be popular in 2018 and have recently been loved by many business owners as they are authentic and attractive. The style includes a line with the same thickness and consistent throughout the design, which gives a crisp and clean look.

5. Vintage Design

Vintage logos have a timeless charm and is incredible popular right now. Vintage logos design is known for its nostalgic effect that portray their long tradition of doing something. This design style also remind people of certain time periods or elements of pop culture that’s sure to grab people’s attention towards the brand. Brands in the food and beverage industries have been leveraging this style for years with great results.

So, these are the logo design trends that graphic designers are likely to follow. Your company’s logo should be a trendy design but it should also be a timeless piece. O2O Creative can help you get a memorable logo at an affordable cost. This is a leading marketplace where your logo design contest will evoke response from dozens of talented logo designers. You get a winning logo design in a short period within your small budget.

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